Apple - Christmas OK in the UK but not in the USA?

November 25, 2009

This afternoon I was helping a friend research a possible Apple MacBook Pro purchase online.  For some as yet unknown reason I ended up on the Apple UK site when I got a very pleasant surprise.  (see images)

Imagine my disappointment when I redirected to the Apple US site. (see images again)

What gives Apple?  Christmas is good enough for the UK but not the USA?

First a screenshot from the Apple UK Online Store

And now from the Apple USA Online Store

Apple UK Online Store

Apple USA Online Store

MSNBC Sinks To Yet Another Low

Just when you thought MSNBC couldn't sink any lower... Last night I decided to tune in to see how they might cover / spin the election results (VA, NJ and NY 23).

Enduring my time with MSNBC was much like a root canal but they did not disappoint. The spin was as impressive as it was dizzying. Not so impressive when they pushed it too far and I realized that much of their reactions and analysis, primarily on the subject of Democrat losses, had been conceived and rehearsed well in advance. Hello it's SPIN!

Anyway... Imagine my SHOCK when, during a Chris Matthews segment, disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer fills my screen!   MSNBC had actually brought him in as an analyst. Really.   Luckily it was low def.

You see while my big fat conservative TV is much pretty, DirecTV, my satellite provider, doesn't seem to carry MSNBC in hi-def. Rupert Murdoch and News Corp don't own DirecTV anymore but I wonder if some of the old feelings remain. Either that or the provider doesn't want to waste precious bandwidth on such an infrequently viewed channel.