To Hell With Bill Maher

Ok.. No, I don't really want Bill Maher to go to Hell.  I was just trying to be cute given the subject (and muted controversy) of his latest film, Religulous.

I'm not going to go into my thoughts on the movie other than to say that it is but one more example of that something I'm not legally qualified to diagnose but definitely affects him.   That "seems to be becoming more disturbed by the day" something.

I was a Bill Maher fan for a long time despite his continued best efforts to the contrary.  I was even a studio audience member during his Politically Incorrect days at ABC.  I even continued to watch his show for a while when he moved to HBO despite the fact that he rarely stages fair fights between his liberal and conservative guests anymore.

I overlooked a lot of his crap over the years, defended his right to free speech even when he was clearly wrong.   His brand of self-righteous nastiness though has now gone too far, one too many times.  He's becoming kind of  scary actually.  Reminds me a little of when George Carlin started jumping the track.

Who does this guy think he is?  Really?  He feels as if he can lecture us, the rest of the world, on religion (he doesn't believe),  politics (he's a far left right liberal),  and morality (don't get me started).

What ever got up into his backside?  Here is a guy who admits to regularly smoking pot and has served on the advisory board of NORML.  He is in favor of legalizing gambling and prostitution.  He has never been married and says he doesn't believe in marriage.  He also serves on the board of PETA.  You know, the people passing out the bloody versions of the McDonalds Happy Meals to scare kids and the ones that used to throw red paint fur wearing supermodels.  Yes, that PETA.

This is anything but a complete breakdown of Bill's views and I'm neither judging him or disputing his right to believe whatever it is that he belives.  I have to ask though...  With his amusing but extremist views, who does Bill Maher think he is to tell any of the rest of us anything about anything?  Further, why is it that the more extreme someone's views are the more apt they are to tell others how to live? 

Please go back to making us laugh Bill and for Heaven's sake would you get happy already.

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