Men Are From Mars, Women Don't Have A Penis

My wife and daughter have been trying hard to get me to go with them to see the movie Mamma Mia. They've both seen the play on Broadway and in a regional touring production. They're just sure I'll love it and are dying to share the joy that is this production with me.

Newsflash Ladies... Men (95% of us anyway) are not women with slightly different equipment. Chick Flicks are so called for a reason. Note the Chick part. They appeal to and are enjoyed overwhelmingly by... help me out here... Chicks!

Similar but slightly different is the concept of a Date Movie. A Date Movie is a Chick Flick that dating men, men trying to make points or men trying to make amends for some horrible offense (such as leaving the toilet seat up one too many times) might suggest. But we digress...

What makes Mamma Mia especially dicey is that it is not only a Chick Flick but a... are you ready... Musical! ARRGGHHHH!

A musical to me is kind of like an infomercial, a training film or some other sort of propaganda with really good writing and production values. If you're not careful you get sucked in... Just when you're ready to commit, suspend disbelief and enjoy the work you realize you've been ripped off and it's not a real movie! Usually when the stars start talking to the camera or break out into song.

UPDATE: They made we watch it. It, umm, wasn't that bad.

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